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The Advisory Firm

 Founded in 2016

The ERX team is led by Nerine Kahn, a well-known labour market and governance expert.


Together with Nerine, an ERX team of employment relations professionals provides assistance for the organisation's activities. These associates have varied levels of experience in their respective service fields.


ERX is strategically positioned to provide high-impact services to a broad stakeholder base with long-term practical good business results under the leadership of Nerine Kahn, who is well respected in labour relations circles. Nerine is well-known for her previous role as director of the CCMA, where she was actively involved in high-profile negotiations, addressing individual and collective employment challenges, leading the business of the state entity she ran, and conceptualising and implementing labour-related legislation in South Africa. Her extensive technical and business leadership experience gives ERX a significant advantage when advising or developing solutions for their clients.

Meet Our Team

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Nerine Kahn

Managing Director

Nerine is an admitted attorney with extensive experience running and establishing governance systems for government businesses, as well as being a thought leader and influencing legislation and policy in the employment law arena, putting her in a unique position to grow a next-generation employment relations business. She is devoted to South Africa and its politics, and she loves the colour purple, cooking, swimming, and spending time with her two teenage sons.

Email :   Tel: 011-259-4078

"Without your clear guidance, the actual process would not have been as smooth and conflict free."

CEO of large Oil company: at the end of a restructure

*We value our clients' privacy and do not reveal their names or the companies for which they work.

Why work with us?

Dedicated service and solutions tailored to your specific requirements. We ensure that you strike a balance between strict legal compliance, sound management principles, and practical requirements. We don't just provide a solution; we can also create customised training courses to ensure that the results are long-lasting!

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