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02. Transformation & Employment Equity Planning

Transformation & Employment Equity Planning

Transformation and employment equity in the workplace are often misunderstood and could have a significant impact on your business and its presence in the market.


ERX, with its skills base and experience, is uniquely placed to assist you in designing and developing a transformation strategy.

This relates to the understanding and linking of all the relevant pieces of legislation in South Africa that relate to transformation requirements. as well as designing a custom-made scorecard for your unique business strategy, which will advocate and enhance your transformation standing with your employees, customers, and society.


Our specific skills in employment equity implementation are based on practical understanding, extensive experience, and knowledge of the law. Nerine‘s historic work experience uniquely positions us to assist in ensuring legislative requirements are met and implemented. We have excellent experience in designing an entire employment equity strategy, drafting and implementing employment equity plans at workplaces. We understand the importance of conducting a proper evaluation of your business position and its sector as part of an effective determination of your plan, as well as ensuring proper governance in setting goals for the plan, ensuring the evaluation process is addressed, as well as supporting senior approval.

We also give support to clients in understanding what the Department of Labour inspectors require when inspecting.


Our experience covers:

  • Designing Employment Equity Strategies

  • Designing and implementing employment equity plans

  • Understanding the Director General's Review process and procedural inspections

  • assessing and advising on equal pay for equal work solutions

  • Employee consultation and communication strategies on transformation and employment equity strategies, achievements, and goals

  • Tailored training on understanding employment equity for all levels of employees.

  • Guidelines on strategic implementation and monitoring at the board/executive level

 30 Years of Accumulated Practice

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Our solutions are customised. Our services and training courses are purpose-built and based on our experience. We develop solutions on a contracted project basis for a specific problem.


We also service clients on a retainer basis for a full or tailored monthly service offering.

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