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07. Employee Wellbeing

Employee Wellbeing

The focus on health and wellbeing at the organisational level is especially useful as it facilitates performance, which equates to business productivity.


ERX provides policy direction as well as measures to continuously monitor the work environment for unsafe and unhealthy work practices. Our objective is to promote a positive work environment to improve and sustain the health and wellbeing of employees.


Working is important for individuals. It helps them maintain their health and wellbeing and is essential for economies to survive. However, as conditions within the work environment may (in) advertently negatively impact on employees, it is essential that organisations continuously monitor their environment for unsafe and unhealthy work practices, as well.


Health and well-being are critical components of improving and/or maintaining employee performance, productivity, job satisfaction, and engagement in the workplace.


Organisations that focus on health promotion to improve or increase health and wellbeing in the workplace have an edge in respect of producing healthy employees with a high state of wellbeing, which benefits both the organisation and the wider society.


There are many benefits that occur at the personal and organisational levels when individuals attain better wellbeing. These include increased job satisfaction, which could in turn lead to higher customer satisfaction as well as increased productivity and profitability; increased longevity; healthier immune systems resulting in resistance to diseases; lower levels of mental disorders; and better social relationships. Other benefits reported include extended work careers, later retirement, a decrease in absence from work, workplace image, profit, quality, competitiveness, mutual respect, better career options, increased motivation, better work-life balance, and lower stress levels.

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