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04. Employment Relations: Executives & Individuals

Employment Relations: Executives & Individuals

At ERX, we have in-depth experience in the management and establishment of workplace disciplinary and grievance procedures. Our approach encourages a hybrid of easy resolution, good policy and engagement. We believe that reducing time spent on these issues is critical for business.


ERX has a panel of expert chairpersons who are able to facilitate all types of hearings at different levels. This also includes guidance on "how to" investigations and preparation for employee hearings, as well as assisting with running a hearing.


We have deep expertise in dealing with and preparing for cases in the CCMA. During preparation, we ensure all relevant parties are prepared and able to assist with the hearing (conciliation and arbitration). We aim to ensure that everyone understands the impact and potential outcomes of such proceedings.


Individual industrial relations govern the relationship between a worker and his or her employer. This relationship is shaped by human relationships, legal regulation, and compliance with standards. In certain environments, the outcomes of social partner negotiations over the terms and conditions governing the employment relationship are Our aim at ERX is to prevent or reduce potential industrial conflict through the development of a positive employee relations environment, ensuring a climate of trust and high ethical conduct based on our unique value-based approach to employee/management relations.


ERX client support can be engaged on a case-by-case basis or on a retainer basis for consistent and continuous peace of mind.

 30 Years of Accumulated Practice

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Our solutions are customised. Our services and training courses are purpose-built and based on our experience. We develop solutions on a contracted project basis for a specific problem.


We also service clients on a retainer basis for a full or tailored monthly service offering.

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