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Introducing our law firm
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Founded in 2016, ERX specialises in implementing business solutions for workplace dilemmas

Made to fit services

Employment Relations Exchange (ERX) is a made-to-measure advisory consultancy that uses its unique business experience to help you understand how to optimally apply your legal rights in all workplace-related matters while also taking into account their practical application for sound business and management decisions in your business or personally.

Our Process



Listen for the problem, then analyse and comprehend the client's challenges and the environment. 



Collaborate to design a solution, involve stakeholders, and come up with practical yet comprehensive solutions.



Implement and manage the solution, as well as effectively execute it and evaluate the results.

"Nerine, you always assist us in such a way that it is easily understood and implementable in our business environment. "

HR Head

*We value our clients' privacy and do not reveal their names or the companies for which they work.

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