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06. Governance and Labour Related Opinions

Governance and Labour Related Opinions

South Africa’s labour law framework is extremely complex and has been developed over an extended period of time, taking into consideration the historical developments in South Africa. South African labour law has placed an emphasis on protecting core employee rights, addressing low skill levels, and advancing equitable representation in the workplace.


Our expert opinion service is suitable where an opinion on the basis of South African Labour Law is required in the context of the plethora of employment legislation. Our team, having been involved at all levels (drafting, designing, implementing) of these laws, is well placed to give advice across the spectrum of the labour market.


Our legal team offers labour-related expertise, with a personal touch, to a diverse range of clients, from start-up entrepreneurs to listed companies. Our services are flexible, efficient, and solution-driven. Our difference and service value add here is our ability to use our business experience for sound advice.

 30 Years of Accumulated Practice

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Our solutions are customised. Our services and training courses are purpose-built and based on our experience.We develop solutions on a contracted project basis for a specific problem.

We also service clients on a retainer basis for a full or tailored monthly service offering.

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