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01. Organisational Restructuring and Retrenchments

Organisational Restructuring and Retrenchments

Having worked on and advised on many restructures (both medium-sized and large), we bridge the gap between "strict" legal check-off exercises and sound practical business alignment when redesigning your organisation, whatever the reason. An organisational restructuring or retrenchment process necessitates the management, identification, and mitigation of all labor-related risks, as well as proper planning, perception management, and stakeholder communication. At ERX, we provide the expert advice married with the sound business experience that is required to advance strategic and operational needs during such an exercise.


ERX provides practical solutions tailored to specific client needs. We analyse the needs of each restructuring process and provide a business case based on a practical and legally compliant understanding of client business needs in order to effect the process optimally. Hence, ensuring a good business and employee relations approach in our advice, rather than merely one of basic compliance. Our unique coaching service to senior executives in such situations is valuable in its trouble-free implementation. This, together with good stakeholder communication, has seen smooth implementation at many clients.

 30 Years of Accumulated Practice

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Our solutions are customised. Our services and training courses are purpose-built and based on our experience.We develop solutions on a contracted project basis for a specific problem.


We also service clients on a retainer basis for a full or tailored monthly service offering.

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