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Ours solutions are customised. Our services and training courses are based on our experience and made for purpose. We develop solutions on a contracted project basis for a specific problem.

We also service clients on a retainer basis for a full or tailored monthly service offering.

Organisational Restructuring and Retrenchments
Employment relations: Executives & individuals
Employee Wellbeing
Training Programmes
Human Resources Advisory
Labour relations and negotiations: Collective
Governance and labour related opinions
Thought Partnership

Organisational Restructuring and Retrenchments.

Having worked on and advised on many restructures (both medium sized and large), we bridge the gap between a ‘strict’ legal check off exercises and sound practical business alignment when redesigning your organisation, whatever the reason. An organizational restructuring or retrenchment process requires the management, identification and mitigation of all labour-related risk, proper planning, as well as perception management and communication to stakeholders. At ERX we provide the expert advice married with sound business experience that is required to advance strategic and operational needs during such an exercise.

ERX provides practical solutions tailored to specific client needs. We analyse the needs of each restructuring process and provide a business case based on a practical and legally compliant understanding of client business needs in order to effect the process optimally .Hence ensuring a good business and employee relations approach in our advice, rather than merely one of basic compliance. Our unique coaching service to senior executives in such situations is in valuable in trouble free implementation. This together with good stakeholder communication has seen smooth implementation at many a client.

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Transformation & Employment Equity Planning.

Transformation and Employment Equity in the workplace are often misunderstood and could have a significant impact on your business and its presence in the market.

ERX with its skills base and experience is uniquely placed to assist you in designing and developing a transformation strategy.

This relates to the understanding and linking of all the relevant pieces of legislation in South Africa that  relate to transformation requirements. As well as designing a custom, made for your unique business strategy scorecard which will advocate and enhance your transformation  standing with your employees ,customers and society.

Our specific skills in Employment Equity implementation are based on practical understanding, extensive experience and knowledge of the law. Nerine‘s historic work experience uniquely places us to assist in ensuring legislative requirements are met and implemented. We have excellent experience in designing an entire Employment Equity strategy, drafting and implementing employment equity plans at workplaces. We understand the importance of conducting a proper evaluation of your business position and its sector as part of effective determination of your plan, as well as ensuring proper governance in setting goals for the plan, ensuring the evaluation process is addressed as well as supporting senior approval.

We also give support to clients in understanding what the Department of Labour inspectors require when inspecting.

Our experience covers:

  • Designing Employment Equity Strategies
  • Designing and implementing Employment Equity Plans
  • Understanding the Director General Review process, and procedural inspections
  • Evaluating and advising on equal pay for work of equal value solutions
  • Communication strategies and consultation support to employees on Transformation and Employment Equity strategies, achievements and goals
  • Tailored training on understanding Employment Equity for all levels of employees
  • Guidelines on strategic implementation and monitoring at Board/EXCO level
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Labour Relations and Negotiations: Collective.

We approach negotiations from a view of exposure and skill. Nerine has been involved in many of the key disputes of this type in her career and has experience in understanding what is required to reach valuable solutions.

The labour stability codes (Code on collective Bargaining)* are currently a progressive and useful guide on how to address the challenges that arise from collective Bargaining.

ERX with its partners has been pioneering a way to use the codes that enhance bargaining and employment relationships through advocating the use of a values based approach to bargaining through the codes and in so doing incorporating the VALUES principles of the codes into collective bargaining.

ERX has designed and delivered workshops and bespoke training courses dealing with this unique way of addressing how to prepare for your bargaining process. This approach, coupled with innovative methods for introducing the collective bargaining codes assist in developing sound workplace values, as well as a progressive method of managing industrial peace, has already shown value for some clients.

ERX believe that given the sound foundations (through training and our values based approach), Trade Union bargaining and employment relationships can be enhanced to ensure stability and good ongoing relationships.

Allow ERX to manage these multilateral relationships through our training in innovative methods for using the labour stability codes.

*Labour Stability Codes negotiated and agreed at NEDLAC, IN PARTICULAR THE Codes of Good practice: Collective Bargaining, industrial action and picketing

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Employment Relations: Executives & Individuals.

At ERX we have in depth experience in the management and establishment of workplace disciplinary and grievance procedures. Our approach encourages a hybrid of easy resolution, good policy and engagement. We believe that reducing time spent on these issues is critical for business.

ERX has a panel of expert chairpersons, who are able to facilitate all types of hearings at different levels. This also includes guidance on “how to…”, investigations and preparation for employee hearings, as well as assisting with running a hearing.

We have deep expertise in dealing with and preparing for cases in the CCMA. During preparation we ensure all relevant parties are prepared and able to assist the hearing (conciliation and arbitration) we aim to ensure that everyone understands the impact and potential outcomes of such proceedings.

Individual industrial relations regulates the relationship between the individual worker and their employer. This relationship is shaped by human relationships, legal regulation, and compliance to standards. In certain environments outcomes of social partner negotiations over the terms and conditions governing the employment relationship. Our aim at ERX is to prevent or reduce potential industrial conflict through the development of a positive employee relations environment – ensure a climate of trust and high ethical conduct based on our unique value based approach to employee/management relations.

ERX client support can be engaged on a case-by-case basis or on a retainer basis for consistent and continuous peace of mind.

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Training Programmes.

The unfortunate rise in required legal intricacies, and the need to implement optimal procedural solutions are difficult to apply in practice and extremely difficult to communicate to employees. Our practical, bespoke skills-based training courses are designed to give you the basic tools and skills to investigate and deal with all employment related issues as they arise – enhancing the employment relationships ,minimising time  in the CCMA or with a dissatisfied employee base.

We have developed numerous training course that assist in empowering your organisation (and its employees) to manage its workplace and employee challenges efficiently and in a way that supports the business.

The approach is based on supporting management to manage better, and employees to understand their rights and obligations without creating an antagonistic environment.

These courses have been successfully delivered to numerous of our clients who are demonstrating improved workplace functioning. We believe that a focus on effective performance accountability is critical to successful staff management, and recommend that this is a starting point.

When delivering training we believe that time is a key factor, and hence will customise our deliverables for the client’s needs and longer training for more junior employees, with presentations to senior management where issues are raised and debated rather, as seniors already have basic knowledge.

Our training courses and their principles are developed and available (but always) first customised for client needs:

  • Managing work performance
  • Misconduct for managers (explaining who is responsible for what)
  • Collective Bargaining
  • Preparation for Bargaining Season
  • Labour Stability Codes
  • Transformation
  • Employment equity
  • Transformation scorecards
  • Customised Management Development programmes

Employee Relations Training and Human Resources Training enhances management’s basic skills to create, promote and foster a positive working environment for employees. The main aim of our bespoke training is to ensure managers are able to educate employees on the guidelines for appropriate interactions, rules and rights and reduce the risk of the company’s exposure to employment risk.

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Governance and Labour Related Opinions.

South Africa’s labour law framework is extremely complex and has been developed over an extended period of time taking into consideration the historical developments in South Africa. South African Labour Law has placed an emphasis on protecting core employee rights; addressing low skills levels; and advancing equitable representation in the workplace.

Our expert opinion service is suitable where an opinion on the basis of South African Labour Law is required in the context of the plethora of employment legislation. Our team having been involved at all levels (drafting, designing, implementing) of these laws is well placed to give advice across the spectrum of the labour market

Our legal team offers Labour Related expertise, with a personal touch, to a diverse range of clients, from the start up entrepreneur to the listed company. Our services are flexible, efficient, and solution-driven. Our difference and service value add here, is our ability to use our business experience for sound advice.

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Employee Wellbeing.

The focus of health and wellbeing at the organisational level is especially useful as it facilitates performance which equates to business productivity.

ERX provides policy direction as well as measures to continuously monitor the work environment for unsafe and unhealthy work practices. Our objective is to promote a positive work environment to improve on and sustain the health and wellbeing of employees.

Work is important for individuals. It helps them maintain their health and wellbeing and is essential for economies to survive.   However, as conditions within the work environment may (in) advertently negatively impact on employees, it is essential that organisations continuously monitor their environment for unsafe and unhealthy work practices, as well.

Health and wellbeing are essential elements to increase and/or maintain employee performance, productivity, job satisfaction and engagement within the work environment.

Organisations that focus on health promotion to improve or increase health and wellbeing in the workplace have an edge in respect of producing healthy employees with a high state of wellbeing, which benefits both the organisation and the wider society.

There are many benefits that occur at the personal and organisational levels when individuals attain better wellbeing. These include increased job satisfaction, which could in turn lead to higher customer satisfaction as well as increased productivity and profitability; increased longevity, healthier immune systems resulting in resistance to diseases, lower levels of mental disorders and better social relationships. Other benefits reported, include extended work careers, later retirement, a decrease in absence from work, workplace image, profit, quality, competitiveness, mutual respect, better career options, increased motivation, better work and leisure, and lower stress levels.

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Human Resources Advisory.

Allow ERX to be your strategic HR partner, to help achieve your goals, as well as responding to HR and staffing issues, as they arise. We help you ‘be better’ with HR.

ERX provides HR advisory services from recruitment to redundancy. We also offer advice on job re-classification, change management and general HR related issues. In addition, we routinely advise our clients of changes in legislation that might impact on their HR function as well as advise them of HR best practices.

We provide professional HR support and advice on strategic and operational matters – combining a thorough understanding of our clients sector with the individual needs of your environment. Our Area of expertise Are:

  • HR Strategy
  • Organisational Capability and Design
  • Talent Management
  • Leadership Development
  • HR Due diligence
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Thought Partnership.

All our services for successful implementation offer building capacity in management. It is often in our experience management at all levels requires practical support and guidance to successfully manage and implement solutions. When this is part of a solution, implementation is smoother, and gets traction at a quicker rate

We have skilled professionals, as well as Nerine herself, who are able to support and coach management in a structured way through the implementation of our technical solutions.

Most recently, Nerine, has after giving the technical advice, supported this by coaching and acting as a thought partner to a CEO when implementing a restructuring process which commenced with his executive team.

As part of our presence in the Labour Market we also deliver various talks, write opinion pieces and give commentary on broad strategic issues as well as the practical challenges we see in our work for practitioners.

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“I felt confident to negotiate in a fraught situation on my terms with the advice and support I received. The steady process assisted me in biding my time, avoiding conflict and achieving a great outcome for me and my career”

Executive supported through exit from Bank

“Nerine you always assist us in such a way that it is easily understood and implementable in our business environment.”

HR Head

“ERX always tells us how we should do it, but assists in generating options as a solution that fits our business model”


“Without your clear guidance the actual process would not have been as smooth and conflict free.”

CEO of large Oil company: at the end of a restructure

*We value the privacy of our clients and as such do not reveal their names or the companies they work for.


Our solutions are unique and generated from our teams’ unique experience and are next generation employment relations.


Our solutions are unique and generated from our teams’ unique experience and are next generation employment relations.


Our solutions are unique and generated from our teams’ unique experience and are next generation employment relations.