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Yes we will. Our philosophy is to coach you in the process initially and only step in towards the end. This will include representation, when permitted through the dispute resolution process.

Yes, Nerine has built a team in the business.

We have completed various projects in the last year .By way of example a review of policies across an entire business to align them, development of transformation scorecards ,project managed and supported restructure implementation ,designed and developed transformation policies ,EE plans and reporting process for client specific issues to name a few.

Yes, we have a comprehensive training offering. However it is our business philosophy that it is imperative that there is some customisation training as not all business, and not all employment situations are the same.

We usually deign a quote for the work if it is project based.

We have an initial consultation fee approach to individuals, especially when advising executives.

Depending on nature of work we are always open to discuss charges upfront.

Nerine does all senior work herself, with the team. However, no piece of work is carried out without her supervision, input and oversight. All pieces are checked and reviewed before sign off by her personally.

Please give us a call. We are always open to a chat, getting to know you and some quick advice on a small issue before we enter into a fee arrangement.

This is entirely dependent on the project, which could have milestones. If this is a once off event, then the issues need to be discussed. But our terms are usually strictly 30 days.